In 2021, Sepultura released their sensational record, Quadra, a contemporary thrash monument, backed by sublime melodies and technical dexterity.

It goes without saying that the global metal scene would not be the same without Sepultura. For over 35 years, the Brazilian icons are not only a band revered worldwide; they have been, are and forever will be at the very forefront of thrash metal, trailblazing ever since they released their long-since legendary debut album Morbid Visions in 1986.

So you know, this show has been rescheduled from Thursday 25 November 2021. If you’ve already got tickets, they’ll still be valid, so hang on to them; your ticket agent will be in touch to tell you more.


O2 Ritz Manchester


Wednesday 2 November 2022 - 6.30pm

Sacred Reich, Crowbar

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