The Pogues Your Shot: Sheffield Heats

Posted: Wednesday 1 February 2017

Following the first round of The Pogues Irish Whiskey Presents: A Shot at Discovery, the regional winners have been announced. Sheffield, get to know your finalists...


Being described as, 'One of the best new bands coming out of the U.K’ by Custom Made Music is only one great comment in a torrent of praises about four-piece band, Graces. As the brainchild of songwriter Steve Harrison, Graces have toured with the likes of Funeral for a Friend, The Xcerts and Blitz Kids. The band’s brand new sound and vision, a change they made late in 2015, was a product of their work with producer Phil Gomell – also known for his work with Bring Me The Horizon, Feed The Rhino, and All Time Low.

For social media links and other information, take a peek at their website">here.">">Sobriquet

It’s fitting that post-hardcore band, Sobriquet should be from the steel city. Their blend of heavy metal riffs, hardcore punk and raw aggression creates a galvanized sound that’s unique to this five-piece. The band's aim is to get fans moving, by making their live shows as energetic as possible. Hoping to get more material out there soon, they have already put their debut EP, Pyrrhic Victories out with a brand new video for their single, ‘Birds of Prey’.

To listen to the single, visit their Soundcloud">here.">">Home Wrecked

Home Wrecked are a fresh, progressive pop-punk band from South Yorkshire, but this isn’t their first rodeo. In fact, each member of this five-piece outfit has come from being in bands such as LIAR LIAR, Journals, Fallen From View and Midair9. Formed in the summer of 2016, Home Wrecked wasted no time and by December of the same year, they released their blistering EP, When All Goes Wrong. With their music video for ‘Never Say Never’ streaming on Kerrang! TV, as well as being added to their Spotify playlist, this band is going places.

Want to know more about Home Wrecked? Click">">here.">">Steel Trees