The Pogues Your Shot: Leicester Heats

Posted: Wednesday 1 February 2017

Following the first round of The Pogues Irish Whiskey Presents: A Shot at Discovery, the regional winners have been announced. Leicester, get to know your finalists...


This punky rock ‘n roll duo describes themselves as the ‘uncoolest band you’ll ever meet’. That may just be up for debate, as their live sets are energetic and sure to pack a punch. Not to mention the songs; prepare to find yourself humming the tunes for days after. Jitterz is a wonderful blend of rock ‘n roll, awkward chats, snazzy shirts and bad dancing.

To listen to them on Bandcamp, click">here.">">Go Primitive

Warwickshire’s own, Go Primitive are four mates who’ve been pulled together by their passion for music. It may be because of that drive that this alt-rock band’s focus always remains on the creation of their music first and foremost. Combining big guitar riffs with powerful melodies and anthemic choruses to forge a unique sound, Go Primitive have recently released their EP, 100 Ways. They’ve also supported Mallory Knox, The Subways and Lonely The Brave.

If Go Primitive sounds like the kinda band you can get into, head over">here.">">The Brandy Thieves

Trying to tag The Brandy Thieves with a genre is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. This five-piece band has instead distilled gypsy rhythms with ska grooves and folk storytelling to produce a sound that’s distinctive. There’s also an energy there that could be associated with punk bands. The Brandy Thieves have shared the stage with the likes of Alabama 3, Skinny Lister and Ferocious Dog.

Want to know more about The Brandy Thieves? Browse">">here to read more.">">Stupid Boots