Highly Suspect

Highly Suspect charge ahead of the pack again, as they tour their huge 2022 album, The Midnight Demon Club

The multi-Grammy Award-nominated and gold-certified band push rock music forward by trusting their instincts and raising a middle finger to everything else. Johnny Stevens (vocals, guitar), Ryan Meyer (drums, vocals), Rich Meyer (bass, vocals), Matt Kofos (guitar) and Mark Schwartz (synths) - don’t just talk about burning the rules and breaking the mold; they actually do so. 

The band’s chemically imbalanced mix of gritty guitars, haunting piano, off-kilter synths, hip-hop production, cinematic vision, and beautifully possessed vocals transformed them into a phenomenon beloved by a diehard global fanbase.

Curfew 10pm


O2 Institute Birmingham


Saturday 23 September 2023 - 6.30pm

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