The Lovely Eggs

With a fierce DIY ethos that music should have no rules, The Lovely Eggs are an underground surreal-psych punk rock duo. With observational and often surreal lyrics about life, they have a powerful raw sound that creates the sonic illusion of a band twice their size. The result is a mix of heavy psych, pop and strangeness and a ferocious, yet joyous, live performance.

Just so you know, this show was moved from Network Sheffield on Saturday 8 August 2020 and rescheduled again from Wednesday 17 February 2021, but all original tickets will still be valid. If you’ve got tickets already, your ticket agent will be in touch to tell you more.


O2 Academy 2 Sheffield


Thursday 15 July 2021 - 7.00pm

Thick Richard, Dog Daisies

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