We strive to make all our shows at O2 Academy Newcastle accessible to everyone and we work with Attitude Is Everything and Nimbus Disability to make sure things keep improving. Our venue was built in the early 1900s, so there are challenges, but together we can identify issues and come up with practical solutions. Your feedback is always welcome and we’ll do our best to be as flexible as possible to meet your needs.

We also accept the Access Card. It’s not compulsory, but it means you won’t have to provide repeat details every time you book, and lets us know about any support or facilities you’ll need when you visit.

If you don’t have one, you can complete one of our booking forms, just download it here, call, or email if you’d like us to send one by post.

With your say-so, we can add your access requirements to our internal database - for up to three years - and that way we’ll know what they are without you having to duplicate them when you book with us again. Just fill it in and send it back with the supporting documents we’ll ask you for within seven days of your booking. 

You have our assurance the information you supply is confidential and only for the purpose it’s provided. 

Booking tickets

Please get in touch with us before you buy your tickets between 10am and 4pm, Monday to Friday, 12pm and 4pm, Thursday. Please email us to advise your access and personal assistant requirements.

After that part’s done, and you’ve purchased your ticket through an authorised outlet, just get back in touch with us to finish up your reservation. We’ll do our best to make it as smooth a process as possible for you.

Companion ticket

If you need a ticket for a companion or personal assistant, please just let us know when you book. We offer one companion ticket, free of charge, to provide support you need and additional assistance in the event of an emergency evacuation. 

So you know, proof of eligibility will be required. 

Alternatively, if you have an Access Card please provide your full name and the card number. 

Our full Essential Companion Policy can be found here.

Box office

Our box office is in the entrance foyer, accessible by three small steps or a ramp from street level. We unfortunately don’t have a lowered counter or mic, but we do have an induction loop.

Please bring all your booking information with you.

Getting here

Head over to Venue Info for all travel information and accessible options for getting to us.

Our transportation partner Uber has wheelchair accessible and mobility options in the app. Find out more at

Wheelchair spaces

These are available when you book, but they’re limited on a first come, first served basis.

Viewing area 

We understand that you want to be with your friends, but due to space limitations, we may only be able to allow you and your companion into an accessible area and cannot always guarantee seated options. 

Blind or vision impaired visitors

If you need braille or large print material, please let us know in advance by contacting us by email

Guide and assistance dogs

Guide and hearing assistance dogs are welcome, just be sure to let us know when you book.

We can discuss suitable locations where your dog can stay throughout the show.  Alternatively, if you would like your dog to be looked after, we'll arrange for someone to meet you at the entrance and guide you to your seat. Dogs will be looked after throughout the event in a quiet location with somewhere to lay, with a bowl of water.

*We recommend bringing hearing protection for your dog please. 

Your visit

From street level, there are three small steps into the venue or a ramp at the main entrance; our staff can guide you when you arrive.

If you need assistance or lift access, we’d recommend arriving about 15 minutes before doors open, just to make things easier.


There’s a viewing area in stalls at O2 Academy Newcastle, it can be accessed by our lift from the foyer, up one floor; or there are two sets of stairs to the auditorium from the foyer.

The area can accommodate up to three wheelchairs with 10 seats.

Any customers who may need a balcony seat, there’s a lift to the second floor, and three steps to the balcony and your seat once you’re inside the auditorium. 

O2 Academy2 Newcastle venue is a smaller room and has lift access and space for one wheelchair close to the stage and there’s four seats in a raised area.

If you don’t need to use the lift, please be aware that there ares several steps with turns from the foyer to get there, so please let us know in advance if you need any support from our staff.

Just so you know, e-cigarettes and vapes are not permitted, please see our FAQs for details.


There’s an accessible toilet on the ground level in stalls of the main auditorium, which is next to the lift. It’s controlled by a RADAR key and which staff will provide access to if needed. Other toilets are available throughout the building, just ask our staff to show you the way if you’re visiting us for the first time.

Bar service

The large bar in the middle of the rear of the auditorium at O2 Academy Newcastle, next to the viewing area, has a split hatch of accessible height, our staff will be happy to assist you.  

O2 Academy2 Newcastle has one bar with a hatch area for service.


Please let any staff members know if you need assistance for our cloakroom when you arrive and they will be happy to help you, our cloakroom facilities are in the foyer on ground level and at accessible height.

Medical room and emergencies 

We have a medics room in the foyer, if you require any assistance or a private area at any point, please just speak to a member of our staff. Any particular requirements can of course be asked in confidence and in advance. Just get in touch.

Customers with medical requirements 

Should you need to bring food or drink to manage a medical condition, or bring medicines or medical equipment with you, just get in touch.


If there is merchandise for sale, you’ll find it inside the auditorium for all O2 Academy Newcastle shows to the rear of the auditorium.

For any O2 Academy2 shows, if available for sale, it will be at outside the auditorium on the first floor, so please ask our staff if you need any assistance.

Strobe lighting and special effects 

Most shows and events now use strobe lighting and smoke effects, but we’ll make sure there are signs up to let you know and you can also ask when you arrive. If this is an issue, please do let one of our team know, before or during an event.

Have we got it all covered?

Hopefully, but if we’ve missed anything, do try our FAQs or just get in touch.

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