New Music Blog: Glowie

Posted: Wednesday 23 October 2019

There aren’t many things better than discovering a new artist whose music you instantly connect with. Whether they’re touring the nation making their name or supporting big acts globally, we’re here to put a spotlight on the musically-gifted people with a bright future ahead of them. This week, we’re introducing you to Icelandic pop singer and proud feminist, Glowie.

For Fans Of: Lorde, Halsey, Lauv
Essential Listening: 'Cruel', 'I'm Good'

People aren’t always nice. That’s a lesson many of us have learnt in our lives, whether it be in our formative years with the pressures of high school, or online in a social media age where anyone can say anything. Amongst the chaos though, are a number of voices speaking up against the bullies and one of them is Iceland’s newest talent, Glowie.

The second track on her debut EP, Where I Belong, has no music at all. Instead, you hear Glowie (real name, Sara Pétursdóttir) stating truths that’ll likely hit home for a lot of people. “You’re not the reason why someone is bullying you”, she says, a sense of urgency in her tone. “Bullies are the ones that have a problem, they’re insecure and they try to draw the attention to someone else, because they don’t want others to know how they really feel or see who they really are. So, don’t listen to whatever they’re telling you. They don’t know you. You know who you are and what you can do, and no one can take that away from you.” And, with that, you’re thrown into her breakout single, ‘Cruel’, an ode to those who belittled her for being too skinny and an empowering anthem for a generation trying to accept their insecurities.

This wasn’t the first time she’d used her music to spread body positivity though, as her major label debut came almost exactly a year ago, aptly titled, ‘Body’. Written by songwriter to the stars, Julia Michaels, Glowie made it her own with her dark-tinged vocals and channelled her feelings into the R&B grooves. Roping in a selection of hand-picked dancers of all shapes, sizes and genders for the video, it became a statement both sonically and visually and thus, our new favourite pop star was born.

Growing up in Reykjavik, Glowie found comfort in the silence of her surroundings and could either be found exploring the local forests or hunting through records at her favourite music store. Whereas some would find the isolation unbearable, it allowed Glowie to flourish into the person she really wanted to be, to take control of her image and to put everything into her art. Her no-filter attitude and honest, relatable stories quickly gained her a growing international fanbase and saw high praise from the likes of Vogue and Wonderland, so it won’t be long before the rest of the world catches up.

2019 has already captured Glowie’s stunning prowess live, with support slots for Ed Sheeran and MARINA already under her belt and a slot with BANKS on the horizon, it’s clear that her 90s-influenced pop gems are making their mark. The Where I Belong EP, released in the summer, was just an appetiser for what Glowie is truly capable of and with a new decade in our midst, we may have just found ourselves the most influential and important voice in pop music for 2020.

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