The Fireball: Fuelling The Fire Tour 2019's Best Bits

Posted: Monday 14 October 2019

The Fireball: Fuelling The Fire Tour is over for another year and what a time it was! Here, you can look back on the live shows, try and spot yourself in the crowd and read about some of the hilarious stories that went on behind the scenes.

From on-stage inflatables, to weird and wonderful costumes, live collaborations and countless amounts of confetti, re-live the tour in all its glory in this video.

We also asked the Fireball tour team what their favourite memories were and their answers are, interesting...

"Our assistant promoter, Joe Davies, accidentally set off a fire extinguisher backstage whilst trying to fix it and he was finally saved by Adam from the Fireball team, because no one else would help/they couldn’t stop laughing and taking photos."

"In Manchester, someone somehow managed to fall into the canal after the show and Goldfinger bravely managed to fish them out of the water!"

"Matt Stocks was running late to his DJ set one night because he was interviewing Goldfinger frontman, John Feldmann, for his podcast, Life in the Stocks. The Academy Events team made a substitute cardboard cut out and stuck it in the DJ booth until he arrived, his name was ‘Matt Sticks’."

"To celebrate the birthday of Less Than Jake frontman, Chris Demakes, his tour manager ordered a lot of inflatable penises which they threw into the crowd at O2 Academy Bournemouth. There was also a cake and candles that was brought out on stage whilst the crowd sang him happy birthday."

"During the Birmingham show, John Feldmann surprised Save Ferris frontwoman, Monique Powell, by joining her on stage for a cover of Reel Big Fish’s 'She Has A Girlfriend Now'. She had absolutely no idea this was going to happen."

And to round-up our favourite Fireball: Fuelling The Fire tour moments, here’s a few snapshots of what went down on stage. 10 Fireball points if you can spot yourself in the crowd!

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