Loud in London


A rock n roll band who sprinkle a love of funk over their tracks formed in February 2012 in North-West London consisting of Stanley Mycroft, Tommy Edwards, Ben Nunn & Charlie Slade
Support from
Red Tape Resistance
4-piece indie rock band, FFO Arctic Monkeys
Started in 2016 for lead Guitarist David's New Years party with bassist Tim, drummer Carlos and guitarist David. The lads then found vocalist and guitarist George at college and the lineup instantly clicked. 
Let's Be Strange 
Let's Be Strange, a four-piece band from Essex, inspired by music genres such as Punk, Metal, Classic Rock in order to bring a new, unique sound
Simon and the Faulkners
Simon and the Faulkners are a 5-piece band playing a range of music spanning catchy pop, mellow indie and upbeat rock and funk.


Loud In London present a night of some of the best up and coming artists from London and across the UK!

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Curfew 10pm


O2 Academy 2 Islington


Saturday 25 May 2019 - 6.00pm

Pickpocketing - Islington

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