Your Easter Gig Guide

Posted: Monday 3 April 2017

It’s that time of the year again and we’re all getting our buns out.

That is our Hot Cross Buns (obviously) and even though we only eat those raisin infested rascals because it’s the Easter thing to do, we thought we’d prepare an alternative Easter Survival Kit this year. That’s right; get ready for a raisin free weekend – even if you don’t share my aversion – of hopping good fun and Joker-smiled chocolate faces.

Our Easter Top 5 hit-list:

Let’s get one thing straight; Easter isn’t the time to read nutritional labels or monitor your chocolate intake. Nah, it’s when we get to live the sugar-rushed dream of spiralling down a chocolatey hole and into the arms of our new best mate, Willy Wonka. Oh, speaking of sugar, why not check out Sugarmen & Strange Bones at O2 Academy Leicester. Frankly, we could all do with getting out from under a wrapper-blanket and walking off the gazillion and one Crème Eggs – to be fair, they’re only hatched once a year, so no one’s judging.

The cooling sensation of a Rennie or Gaviscon is unrivalled when you have a bad case of the burnies and given the chocolate rampage we’re expecting to embark on over our bank holiday weekend, we’re going to need some kind of heartburn remedy. Well, we’re here to let you in on a little secret; milk thistle is king at assassinating the results of your… overindulgences shall we say? However, if that’s not an issue for you, you may as well keep going – spoil yourself with Dirty Pop tickets and dance the night away at O2 Academy Newcastle.

If you’re:
A)    tired from your numerous Easter activities e.g. egg rolling, daffodil picking, Easter egg painting
B)    lethargic from stuffing your face all weekend
C)    lazy.
D)    all of the above

The remedy may be a genie in a bottle – without the wishes…. or the rubbing. Okay, it’s nothing like a genie in a bottle, except for the packaging… which is technically a can. We’ll be the first to admit that analogy had no future. What we mean to say, is that it may be worth considering an energy boost. There’s nothing wrong with a little pick-me-up. Try an energy drink, a vibrant vitamin C tablet, a coffee or a super fruity smoothie and if that’s not enough to get your energy levels spiking, Kid Ink at O2 Academy Bournemouth certainly will be. 

It’s time for an intervention. We love you, but you’ve got a problem. Social media is taking over your life, but luckily we’re all in the same boat here, right? Little competes with scrolling endlessly through a barrage of filtered homemade chocolate nests and pets dressed up as rabbits. Yes, we’re all suckers for 
InstagramTwitter and Facebook (did you see the subtle hint at a follow we threw in there?) Why not put your banging Snapchat skills to use by snapping Giggs in at O2 Academy Bristol?

They don’t need to be blue or suede – in fact, even a pair of trainers will do. As long as you get comfortable enough to dance into the early morning hours as Club De Fromage hosts a mini Easter disco. We’re expecting rocking robots, winning worms and breakdancing moves that can only be described as BANANAS! Or you can stick to a little side to side movement, it's entirely up to you, we won't judge...

Other potential options for Easter dance-offs include: 

Dancehall vs Soca at O2 Ritz Manchester
Timmy Trumpet at O2 Academy Glasgow
Yousef Presents Circus at Arts Club Liverpool

And if all-out dancing doesn't do it, there's always our other Easter events: 

Devil Sold His Soul’s debut album, Fragile Hope turns ten! Celebrate the day at O2 ABC Glasgow. 
Greensleeves Records have been around for 40 years and they’re celebrating the milestone at O2 Academy Oxford.
The likes of King King and The Graveltones have gathered for HRH Blues at O2 Academy Sheffield for the ultimate night of blues. 
Come see British metallers, Bury Tomorrow in their biggest headline show to date as they play O2 Institute Birmingham.

It's Easter 2017! Don't waste the weekend!