Meet London's Bare Hunter

Posted: Friday 31 March 2017

Beating the competition in the London heats are dirty-blues rockers, Bare Hunter. Scuzz TV presenter and journalist, Matt Stocks caught up with them to talk about how the band started, The Pogues and what we can expect to see from them at The Pogues Irish Whiskey Presents: A Shot at Discovery – The Final on Thursday 27 April

What band made you want to start a band?

Unlike Roger James [Guitar Player], I came to Led Zeppelin very late. About 5 years ago I was given my Grandma's car which only had a tape player. I dug around in the shoeboxes and found a battered 'Best of'. There’s something about the bass response in a Vauxhall Corsa to that song "Heartbreaker" that moved me to the core. It was time; Bare Hunter was born.

How would you describe Bare Hunter to someone who’s never heard you before? 

A mashup of grunge, dance, blues and sleazy swamp rock. We like to push the boundaries and though our music is not for the faint hearted it always takes us somewhere. You may not have been into raw, dirty, thrashing riff rock before the show, but you will be glad you saw it.

What can we expect from your set at the final? 

Expect something explosive.” 

How will you celebrate if you win? 

We’re big whiskey drinkers and we’ll share as much as we can with our fans and fellow bands before roaming off into the night with a bottle in each hand - probably down by the canal…” 

Well good luck. The final question has to be, what’s your favourite song by The Pogues? 

Dirty Old Town always sounds so raw, you can almost picture the puddles even though I'm sure none are mentioned. I love it for that. And of course, it wouldn't be Christmas without Fairytale of New York.” 

To keep up with Bare Hunter, check out them out below: 

Get your tickets to The Pogues Irish Whiskey Presents: A Shot at Discovery – The Final at O2 Academy Islington on Thursday 27 April here.

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