New Music Blog: Calva Louise

Posted: Wednesday 1 April 2020

There aren’t many things better than discovering a new artist whose music you instantly connect with. Whether they’re touring the nation making their name or supporting big acts globally, we’re here to put a spotlight on the musically-gifted people with a bright future ahead of them. This week, we’re introducing you to alt-punk trio, Calva Louise

For Fans Of: No Doubt, DZ Deathrays, Demob Happy
Essential Listening: ‘Camino’, ‘Tug of War’, ‘Belicoso’, ‘I’m Gonna Do Well’

The concept of fate has never seemed more existent than with Calva Louise and their exceptional origin story. The trio, who are now based in Manchester, were born in very opposite corners of the world; singer Jess Eastwood in Venezuela, drummer Ben Parker in New Zealand and bassist Alizon Taho in France. Taho and Eastwood would go on to meet at school, playing together until they crossed paths with Parker at a London gig before starting their musical quest together as a band.

The cultural differences of the group proved to be one of their biggest assets, infusing their music with a diversity that creates a fresh take on the very definition of genres; breaking borders between punk, pop and even electronic, whilst Eastwood’s song-writing swings between English and her native Spanish. The result is effortlessly cool and electrifying, dragging a No Doubt-esque sound into the 21st century in what’s been dubbed as “bubblegum punk pop”.

Bands often talk about finding their “sound” or a unique voice and for some, it takes time to truly find their feet, but Calva Louise clearly skipped the wobbly baby steps and hit the ground running instead. In the three years since their inception, they’ve released an album and EP, both exploring the dark and frenzied fringes of pop, indie and punk, set to the type of hypotonic beats that could soundtrack a Matrix movie.

With a rapidly expanding fanbase, including the likes of The Strokes’ Albert Hammond Jr, it’s only natural that the band begin to branch out. Now working on new material, they’re ready to continue challenging listeners by constantly expressing new ideas. Ideas that critics and radio stations like BBC Radio 1, Clash and Radio X seemingly enjoy, judging by their reaction to Calva Louise’s latest single, ‘Camino’. Like songs that came before, ‘Camino’ is the sum of the band’s parts; exploring their roots with a true DIY mentality that cements them as the new punks on the block.

Having already supported acts like Razorlight, The Maine and The Blinders on headline tours, Calva Louise are no strangers to bigger stages - viewing live shows as the ultimate celebration of their diversity and an expression of the universality of their music. Catch them on tour with Highly Suspect this summer.

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