An Interview with Igorrr

Posted: Thursday 2 November 2017

Music is a discovery. In a search for musical creativity French musician Gautier Serre smashed the boundaries of typical genres and in the wake, death metal, trip-hop and the on-stage pseudonym ‘Igorrr’ was born. We spoke to him about his biggest inspirations, his latest album Savage Sinusoid and what to expect from seeing Igorrr live. 

You’re on tour having recently released your latest album, Savage Sinusoid. How do you feel about the great response it’s received so far?

"Indeed, we are in the middle of the Savage Tour and on the road between Gratz and Bratislava as we speak. The idea was and will always be to make music we love, instead of doing something for fame or to be popular, so we’re all amazed by the great response. We've sold out almost every night and experienced the best crowds, especially when we've played smaller cities on unpopular days like Mondays or Thursdays, expecting a fairly quiet night and the crowd almost always went crazy - the tour has been really intense."​

Listening to the album, you quickly realise there are many layers to it. What is the writing process behind something that covers so many genres and touches on a lot of different emotions?

"There isn't really a process as such; it all depends on the track I'm writing. As I have synaesthesia, I basically see songs like paintings and in order to create the painting on a canvas, I need different colours, which are really just different instruments. Since I know what to record and where it fits into the song I have in my mind, I can start laying it down. It’s kind of like a recipe where everything has to be strictly selected and precisely weighed to have the perfect mix."​

Who or what are some of your biggest inspirations?

"I’m a big fan of death metal bands like Meshuggah, Cannibal Corpse and Mayhem as much as great composers like Bach, Chopin or Scarlatti. That’s where a part of my inspiration comes from I guess, plus many Balkan brass bands like Taraf de Haidouks or Gabi Lunca. I’ve also been listening to a lot of Portishead, Radiohead and Augustin Mangore Barrios, but there are millions more."​

If we could go back to the beginning of Igorrr for a second, how did the project start and how has it evolved since?

"Igorrr started when I was a teenager looking for a band or an artist who destroyed all boundaries of music, a band who was disconnected from all the horribly boring mainstream music that was on the TV and radio back then. I didn’t find anyone like that, so I basically just wrote the music I wanted to listen to. I love metal, baroque and electronic or traditional Balkan music and I wanted to have all the genres I love in one place, without any segregation. Igorrr was the result of that and I guess it's very specific, but I didn’t write with the purpose of pleasing anybody, it was something more personal - making my own ideal music. Today, I'm lucky enough to have found amazing musicians who want to share my expression of music, so the project has evolved into a band that’s having a lot of fun."​

Finally, how would you describe an Igorrr live show in five words?

"I can only guess what a live show is like as a listener, but I think you can expect an hour of loud baroque, metal and electronic music in your face."

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