An Interview With: Against The Current's Chrissy Costanza

Posted: Thursday 10 May 2018

They've taken some time away recording the follow-up to debut album, In Our Bones, but now Against The Current are back with new single, 'Strangers Again' and their first headline UK tour in over a year.

We caught up with vocalist Chrissy Costanza, to talk all things album two and get her advice on coping with everything the world throws at you.

Firstly, can we just say that we’re loving the pink hair right now!

Thank you, I just touched it up last night. I’ve never had coloured hair before so it’s a big change but I love it.

You’ve been tucked away in the studio for a while now, how’s that all going? What’s the progress?

We’ve actually finished the album; it’s in the final stages of mixing and mastering. We’re really excited to finally be getting it out to the world this year, and we have some songs coming out before the record even comes out, so I’m really excited to just share the first songs of the record with everybody.

Have you been writing or working with anyone in particular on the record?

Yeah! So our producer for most of the record is Andrew Goldstein, (Demi Lovato, 5 Seconds Of Summer), who did our song ‘Wasteland’ on our last record. We loved working with him so much, so we asked him to do a bulk of this record and it’s been an awesome experience. He’s so amazing in the studio, he’s so much fun and he’s very quirky and funny to be around and also super creative and innovative. He makes the most of what he has; he’ll take anything and make it sound amazing.

That sounds really exciting! You’ve collaborated with some cool people in the past as well, is there any possibility of some special guests on the album?

We’re working on maybe having one right now and if not, we’re hoping to have it on a future deluxe edition.

Nice. Any hints at who it might be, or are you going to keep it a secret?

Definitely secret! I don’t even know if they’re doing it yet.

What’s your dream collaboration?

There are so many people who I like, but I think it’d be really cool to feature a rapper on a song. Obviously someone like Eminem would be mind-blowing, because he’s one of the greatest of all time. I’d also love to work with Muse, because they’re one of my favourite bands, or The Killers – Brandon Flowers is one of my favourite humans in the world, but I think I’d pass out in his presence.

That sounds like the ultimate festival line-up, right there.

Yeah, absolutely!

The new single, ‘Strangers Again’, it’s got quite a darker, more haunting sound to it, is it a good idea of what is coming on the rest of the album?

Sonically, I think it’s one of the sadder, darker sounding songs on the record. I think there’s actually quite a bit of uplifting sounding tracks, or upbeat tracks on the record, but I think they all have some kind of deeper, intellectual, introspective lyric content to them. We like to keep our songs pretty complex, we don’t like them to be very face-value, so I think even with a song like ‘Strangers Again’, where it can sound upbeat at the chorus; it’s got a much heavier meaning.

It sounds great by the way! Are there any particular themes or messages you approached with the writing?

I think for this record, I really wanted to do a lot of self-reflecting. A lot of the record is the introspective look on all of these situations, whereas in the past I would’ve written ‘Strangers Again’ about, “This is what you did to me, you messed up, you screwed up, you did this, you’re a bad person and I hate you blah blah blah”, that sort of thing, like in ‘Talk’ or ‘Fireproof’. On this record, it’s more of my inner perspective of it and how I reacted to it and how I feel about it, how I feel that maybe I could even be at fault for certain things, even if it’s someone else doing something to me. I think that’s just part of growing up and taking on responsibility, not just for your actions, but for allowing other people to act a certain way to you, towards you, or around you.

How do you think this album is going to be a development on from your debut?

Oh I think it will definitely sound like Against The Current, it’s not going to sound like a different band, but it’s definitely way, way, WAY (in my opinion) better written. Sonically it’s really, really clean and really grown up. I think with everything, we’re trying to get better with every album that we put out there, we’re trying to improve our sound, improve our songwriting and I think that really shows on this record.

Can’t wait to hear it! You started out in the industry quite young, what are the biggest lessons that you’ve learned?

I think the biggest thing is that, there are so many frustrating things in the world, especially in the music industry. There are so many things that are going to make you mad and piss you off and things you wish you could change. Things will try and break you and things will try and make you in a way that you don’t want to be made.  I think the biggest thing that you can do, is look to yourself as a guiding light and you have to decide who you want to be and how you want to react to the world, because everyone is going to tell you what you should or shouldn’t be doing and the only thing you can do is really decide who you want to be for yourself, and then tell everyone else to f*ck off.

That’s a great way to be!

Absolutely, and I think that’s one of the bigger things on the record, too. The world’s gonna be how the world’s gonna be, and I just have to work on how I’m going to react to it and how I’m going to process it and how I’m going to let it affect my life.

Very wise words! Looking towards the tour then, this is going to be your first UK headline run in over a year, are you nervous? Excited? How are you feeling about it?

I’m SO excited! I can’t wait to be back with our fans, I call them my family, because they do feel like family. I know them so well right now, a lot of the regulars at shows, like, I know who’s coming to the London show, the Manchester show, the Birmingham show. I know their faces and I know they’re going to be there, and I’m really excited to be able to see them all again and to just be back in our environment.

And what can everyone expect from the shows, will we be hearing new music?

Absolutely! Definitely a lot of new music, new production and new hair colours!

Finally then, what can Against The Current fans look forward to over the next few months?

Definitely new music, new videos, new looks, new photos, new everything. The album cycle is starting for us, so we’re just going to start putting stuff out and hopefully never stop until it’s over.

Want to see Against The Current live? Catch them at one of the following dates:

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O2 Forum Kentish Town: Saturday 29 September Buy Tickets

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