What’s your bag policy and will I get in with my rucksack/helmet/suitcase?

Short answer, no.

Security measures are in place with bag checks on arrival.

Only one small bag per person is permitted, and it must not be bigger than A4 size.

Height: 29.7cm
Width: 21cm  
Depth: 15cm  

Large bags - including rucksacks - are not allowed, so please make alternative arrangements. 

There are no facilities to leave large bags or luggage.  

If you really have to bring a bag – and it’s preferable you don’t – please do make sure its small.

Check the tab on this website for our full safety and security information. There's a link from the navigation bar and it's pinned to our home page too.

Are there any COVID-19 measures in place at all?

No, it is no longer a legal requirement for venues and events in England to use the NHS COVID Pass to show their COVID status – proof of full vaccination or negative test result.

Please always check our FAQs before your visit. Everything you need to know will be right here and essential updates will be sent to ticket bookers by email if there are any changes to shows and events. 

How do I book tickets?

Our booking partner is Ticketmaster but be sure to use an official primary ticket seller and you’ll be fine. All our booking information is here.

Is there a box office so I can book tickets in person?

Find out when we’re open by visiting our 'Contact' page.

Can I still buy a ticket on the day of a show?

So long as they’re available, that’s no problem at all. You can book with Ticketmaster or come to the venue in person, our box office opening hours are on our 'Contact' page. Club nights can be a bit different, though, so be sure to check with us.

Do you have a box office at the venue and where is it?

Our opening hours vary. Check our box office details on our 'Contact' page.

If an event is sold out, can I get a ticket?

Annoying, we know, but it normally means that all tickets are gone. Keep an eye on the event though, occasionally a few become available nearer the time. Follow our various social media channels and event pages to get the announcements as soon as they happen.

If I buy a ticket from someone outside, can I get in?

As tempting as it might be to buy one, touted tickets don’t help fans, artists or venues – and there’s a chance it might be invalid which would mean we couldn’t let you in. So, sticking to reputable sellers is best for everyone.

I’ve bought my ticket on a ‘secondary site’, will I get in?

Hard to say. If it’s not from a legitimate source, it could still be cancelled on the day of the show, so – and sorry if this sounds a little dull – we recommend sticking to the official outlets.

If my ticket is seated, can I go in the standing area?

They’re allocated according to space, so depending on what you bought, you’ll have to stick to your assigned area. At some venues, if your ticket says ‘freeflow’ for example, you can move around to find your best spot. Just get in touch with your Ticket agent – that’s who you booked with if you’ve got any queries.

Can I return or get a refund on my ticket?

‘Fraid not. Refunds only apply to shows that get cancelled or rescheduled, so ‘I changed my mind about going’ or ‘they didn’t play my favourite song’ sadly isn’t going to cut it.

What are booking fees and charges and why is there a cost for a digital ticket?

Every ticket agent will have different arrangements, but these normally cover the cost of fulfilling the order. Do check their individual FAQs for more detail.

What is a restoration levy and why is it charged?

At most of our venues, there’s a charge per ticket called a ‘venue restoration levy’. This levy assists in preserving these buildings and improving the audience and artist experiences.

I haven’t received my tickets, what do I do?

If you’re concerned about wayward tickets, get in touch with your ticket agent and have all your booking details to hand. Don’t forget to check your spam folder as well.

Someone else bought my tickets for me to collect, what do I need to do?

Potentially, but it’s always best to check. Occasionally, some events might need you to prove with photo ID that you’re the person named on the actual ticket. If you’ve booked with Ticketmaster, ‘Ticket Transfer’ lets you sends tickets to a friend before the event, straight from your Ticketmaster account to theirs. Log into your Ticketmaster account to find our more.

What if can’t access or find my ticket?

Get in touch with whoever you booked with straight away – they can usually arrange replacements. Sadly, there’s not much the venue can do, though.

I have a query about my tickets, what do I do?

Get in touch with your ticket agent - that’s who you booked through – not the venue, ahead of the show you’re attending.

If that’s Ticketmaster - here’s how:

Ticketmaster – Contact

Ticketmaster – FAQs

Ticketmaster - Twitter CS

Ticketmaster - App

Download on the App Store or Google Play. You can access help directly within the ‘My Account’ section of your Ticketmaster App by selecting your event, followed by ‘Need Help With This Order’.

If you’ve booked with any other ticket agent, be sure to contact them directly and in advance.

I have a balcony ticket, does that mean I am allocated a seat?

Normally – but not always - balcony seats are unreserved so it’s a first-come, first-served affair. There is additional standing room in some circumstances, though. Always check your ticket information thoroughly, it will tell you everything you need to know.

What’s the latest time I can turn up with my ticket?

It’s best to always check the door time on your ticket and on the event page of our website so you don’t miss out.

What does ‘stalls’ mean?

The stalls are downstairs in the auditorium.

I’ve got a VIP ticket, what does it get me?

We’ll have a limo waiting… Well, maybe not, but do check with the ticket agent when you book, and they will provide you with details of what’s included.

The show I have tickets for has changed venue, are they still valid?

Your ticket agent will keep you posted on any venue changes etc. Otherwise, check our website for the latest updates.

Where can I find Ticketmaster’s FAQs?

You’ll find Ticketmaster’s FAQs here.

What are Priority Tickets?

O2 customers can get tickets 48 hours before shows go on general sale, but be quick, once they’re gone, they’re gone. Find out more and register at Priority Tickets.

How do I find out which events have a Priority offer?

We’ll plug them on our website and social channels, and you can check O2’s Priority page for the latest information. Everyone on O2 can buy Priority Tickets online or by downloading the Priority app or text PRIORITY to 2020.

What’s the Priority queue?

Whenever possible, we’ll have a separate queue for O2 customers. Up to three of your mates can join you too. Our staff, and the O2 Angels, will help you or just look out for the Priority Queue banners at the entrance.

I’m on O2 but my friends aren’t, can they join me in the queue?

Yes, you can bring up to three people along with you even if they’re not on O2.

What benefits are there being an O2 customer?

All sorts – visit our 'On O2' page to get the lowdown.

What’s the O2 Priority cloakroom offer?

If you’re an O2 customer, you can use our cloakroom - one item per person - for free! If you haven’t got it, just search Priority in your app store, you’ll find the offer under ‘Offers’ or look out for an O2 Angel to tell you more.

Can I buy Priority tickets in person from the box office?

Not in person, but everything is set up to make it oh-so-easy to do from your phone. Text ‘Priority’ to 2020 from an O2 phone for more details and visit Priority here.

How do I get the Priority app?

It’s easy. Just go to the app store and download if for free for quick and easy access to Priority or text PRIORITY to 2020.

What are ‘Event Perks’ and discounts with Barclaycard?

When you buy tickets through Barclaycard Entertainment, you’ll save 5% on tickets to selected events when you pay with your Barclaycard. Search for events here.

If that’s not enough, you can save 10% at the bar too at selected O2 Academy venues when you show and pay with your Barclaycard (exclusions apply – inc. Scotland where discounts on soft drinks only apply). Details here.

Is your venue accessible?

Yes, there is level access to most of our main auditoriums, and we work hard with Attitude Is Everything to continually improve access for all our customers. Just visit the Access page using the navigation bar for more information and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, just get in touch using the email address provided.

How do I book a wheelchair space?

Give us a call or drop us an email using the information on our ‘Access’ page for more details on wheelchair-accessible spaces at shows.

Are there facilities for deaf and hard of hearing customers?

Some of our box offices, but not all, have a mic, speaker, induction-loop system and lowered counters. Our staff will happily assist with anything they can, though, so best to check our ‘Access’ page of the venue you’re going to and find out what’s where at each of them.

Do you have accessible parking?

We don’t have any parking at all, unfortunately. We do have full travel information and a guide to getting around the local area on our 'Access' pages.

What’s an Access Card?

Academy Music Group venues across the country accept the Access Card scheme from Nimbus Disability. For more information on the card and how to get one, visit the site.

Do you have a lift?

As many of our venues are listed, many built in the early 1900s, we unfortunately do not have a lift service at all of them but do check our ‘Access’ page to find out what’s where at each of them.

What about toilets for people with disabilities?

There are toilets throughout the venue, and some of our venues have a dedicated, radar-key-accessible toilet, so please check our 'Access' page before you visit for more information. Staff will happily assist wherever possible.

What about blind or visually impaired people?

Should you require braille or large print material, or you need anything else at all for your visit, please let us know if advance, just get in touch.

Can I bring my assistance dog?

Absolutely – we’ll even supervise them on request. Check our ‘Access’ page for more details.

I have an ‘Access’ question not listed on your website, what should I do?

If you have an access requirement or question not included, then please visit out 'Contact' page to get in touch and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

Is there a different age limit for each event?

Yes, so it’s always best to check in advance as it can range from ‘14s and over’ to ‘under 14s must be accompanied by an adult’, to ‘strictly over 18s only’ and so on. Some of our venues have a seated balcony - so for anyone under 14, you’ll need to book those please. Anyone younger, especially 8 years and under, shows may not be advised, so please check the event information published thoroughly before you buy and if you’re not sure, just get in touch with the ticket agent you’re booking with to tell you more.

I’m under 18, can I come by myself?

Sometimes, yes, but it depends on the event. So please check the age restrictions when you book.

What is Challenge 25?

If you are lucky enough to look under 25 (but are 25 or older) you may be asked for ID.

How can I prove my age/do I need ID?

We prefer a full or provisional driver’s licence or a PASS card as ID, and a valid passport is fine. Any fake IDs will be confiscated, sorry.

How can I find out about door times?

Your ticket should state the time the doors open, and the website event page will always have the curfew – that’s the very latest time the event will finish. As for stage or performance times and the like, we don’t publish those (sorry), as all timings are subject to change. Security measures are in place, so travel light - no large bags allowed - that includes rucksacks, so do check our bag policy information before you head out, it's detailed above in these FAQs - and have your tickets ready, so we can get you in as quick as we can.

Where can I find out the stage time or running time of the show/event?

We’ll always keep you up to date with door opening times and curfews, especially if they’re out of the ordinary for seasoned gig goers, but we don’t publish stage or performance times (sorry), as all timings are subject to change.

Is there a cloakroom?

We have a cloakroom where we charge a small fee per item (although O2 customers can use it for free, to find out how by visiting the 'On O2' page) but space is limited, so please travel light.

Obviously, the earlier you get there, the less busy it will be, but as long as you hold on to your ticket, it’s easy to get your stuff back. Please don’t come with all your worldly possessions.

Security measures are in place with bag checks on arrival.

Only one small bag per person is permitted, and it must not be bigger than A4 size.

Height: 29.7cm
Width: 21cm  
Depth: 15cm  

Large bags - including rucksacks - are not allowed, so please make alternative arrangements. 

Check the tab on this website for our full safety and security information. There's a link from the navigation bar and it's pinned to our home page too.

What if I lose my cloakroom ticket?

Try not to! If you do, you’ll have to wait until the end of the event to identify your things. If you do unfortunately lose something, all our lost property contact details are on our ‘Contact’ page.

I forgot to get my stuff out of the cloakroom after the show, what do I do?

Don’t worry, it happens. Just get in touch, check our ‘Contact’ page to find out how.

Can I bring my own food and drink?

Sorry but no, and this includes chewing gum. We have bars, snack food and free drinking water available. Any bits you think you think you really need to bring for health purposes, just get in touch with our team before the show please. Use the link on our 'contact' or 'access' page to find out how.

I lost something at the show, what do I do?

Get in touch to see if we can help. Our ‘lost property’ section is in our 'Contact' page.

Do I pay with cash/card/contactless?

Our bars no longer accept cash, so it's contactless or card payments only for bars and cloakrooms please. You can still buy merchandise with cash or card.

Where can I smoke?

Certainly not inside the venue – that’s the law! But staff will direct you to a dedicated smoking area and can advise on times it’s open from and to. Make sure you’re of legal age to do so, obviously.

Can I smoke an e-cigarette or vape?

‘Fraid not, but staff will direct you to a dedicated smoking area and can advise on times it’s open from and to. Make sure you’re of legal age to do so, obviously.

Can I crowd surf?

‘Fraid not, sorry. Crowd-surfing, drink-throwing, illegal smoking, and other such things are likely to result in us bidding you goodnight and ejecting you from the venue… and no you won’t get the cash back on your tickets, so try and enjoy yourself sensibly, ok?!

Is there a dress code?

Not usually, but if you’re wearing head gear, football colours or some kind of mad fancy dress, you may be asked to take them off and store them in the cloakroom.

How can I give feedback or make a complaint before, during or after a show?

We prefer feedback from our audience than we do from our sound system so if you want to get in touch, check our ‘contact us’ page or ask a member of staff for the Duty Manager during a show.

Why do you remove the lids from bottled water?

It’s for your safety, and standard across most live events now.

Will it be loud?

Quite probably, but we’re happy to give out ear plugs if you ask for them. Just find a staff member during a show and our bar staff will have them too.

Do children need ear defenders / do you supply ear plugs?

Any young children or adults should speak to a staff member or ask for the Duty Manager ahead of the show. Anyone bringing children should be responsible for protecting their little ears – staff will happily provide ear plugs on request.

Can I bring my camera/iPad/laptop?

Non-professional cameras if you must (no large lenses) but please don’t turn up with all your worldly possessions, or bring iPads, laptops or even selfie-sticks. Besides, it’s much more fun to enjoy the moment and not worry about social bragging rights.

Security measures are in place with bag checks on arrival.

Only one small bag per person is permitted, and it must not be bigger than A4 size.

Height: 29.7cm
Width: 21cm  
Depth: 15cm  

Large bags - including rucksacks - are not allowed, so please make alternative arrangements. 

Check the tab on this website for our full safety and security information. There's a link from the navigation bar and it's pinned to our home page too.

Can I leave the venue and come back again in between bands?

Afraid not, generally, we don’t do ‘pass outs’ or re-admittance if you leave the building.

Is there strobe lighting or pyrotechnics?

Most shows may use strobe lighting and smoke effects and there’s usually signage up to let you know. If this is an issue, please let a member of staff know.

Will I be able to buy merchandise at the show?

Usually, yes. If a band has some, it will be on sale at the merchandise counter.

Can I bring my medication with me?

If you think it’s absolutely necessary for the hours you’ll be in the venue then by all means. It’s probably best to have a sealed package of your prescribed medication and make it known to the Duty Manager – especially if it contains sharp needles and the like and preferably ahead of the show you’re attending. If you have any special medical-related requirements, please do let us know in advance, too.

What are ‘Terms and Conditions’?

This is where we outline at your point of purchase certain “dos’ and don’ts “to help you and us about entry or non-entry into the venue. Check them out here.

Any reason why I wouldn’t get in?

Be nice and don’t do anything stupid, basically. We reserve the right to refuse admission without a reason, so if you behave inappropriately in the queue, we might refuse you entry without a refund. Also be aware that in some cities, drinking alcohol in the street or on public transport is against the law.

Security measures are in place with bag checks on arrival.

Only one small bag per person is permitted, and it must not be bigger than A4 size.

Height: 29.7cm
Width: 21cm  
Depth: 15cm  

Large bags - including rucksacks - are not allowed, so please make alternative arrangements. 

Check the tab on this website for our full safety and security information. There's a link from the navigation bar and it's pinned to our home page too.

Can I buy a backstage pass/meet the band?

Sorry, but backstage is mostly just crew ferrying stuff back and forth. If you do see ‘meet and greet’ tickets or somesuch on sale, do check the full details before you buy them.

Where are you and what’s your address?

Our 'Venue Info' section has all our details, click to find out more.

How do I get there by public transport, what’s the nearest travel stop?

Always check travel services before you head out, you can find out everything you know about our local transport links and the easiest way to get to us, on our 'Venue Info' page.

Is there parking nearby?

We strongly recommend using public transport whenever possible, but for details on local parking – we don’t have any - and other travel information click our 'Venue Info' page.

Where can I leave my bicycle?

For tips on where to park your bike, visit our 'Venue Info' travel section.

How do I get a job on the bar or cloakroom or in the box office?

We’re always after top-drawer staff to help run a great venue. Previous experience is useful, but not essential so if you’re interested in applying, just head to our 'Work With Us' page to find out more.

Do you have a sustainability strategy?

Yes. Our approach to sustainability is guided by the areas in which we can contribute and collaborate in reducing the environmental impact within our industry – an impact that comes primarily from transport to and from our venues, the energy it takes to power them, the waste they generate, the water we use and what we eat and drink when we’re in them.
There is plenty of work to do, of course, but we believe in transparency and open conversation as we increase our efforts to make changes to the way we operate.

Our venues are part of ‘Green Nation’, Live Nation’s sustainability charter and committed to all its environmental goals. To find out more, get in touch.

What about plastic cups?

To mitigate the impacts of plastic pollution our venues do not use virgin single-use plastic. Specifically - regarding our cups - often the most asked-about environmental concern, we are now using only those made from 80% recycled plastic* and we banned straws and drink stirrers from use in 2017.
To support the recycling industry and further reduce the amount of virgin plastic we use, all our bottled Life Water is made from 51% recycled plastic.
*40% post-consumer recycled plastic, 40% post-industrial regrind, 20% virgin plastic.