The Pogues Your Shot: Bristol Heats

Posted: Monday 30 January 2017

Following the first round of The Pogues Irish Whiskey Presents: A Shot at Discovery, the regional winners have been announced. Bristol, get to know your finalists...

Syren City

Syren City’s made up of five individuals set on pushing boundaries with their unique brand of rock. They’ve drawn inspiration from punk, metal and grunge bands to create a sound that’s both mesmerising and forceful. Perhaps their success could be ascribed to that force. The band used social media to cultivate a solid fanbase and have also been received positively by a range of magazines and websites, including Rock Sound and Metal Hammer. They’ve also opened for the likes of Cancer Bats, Brand New and As It Is.

For official videos, covers and more, head to their YouTube channel by clicking">">here.">">The Belishas

Although unsigned, indie-rock band The Belishas, have been playing in and outside of Bristol for four years. The four-piece independently released their EP, Spectrums, when they were just 18. Heavily influenced by 90s Britpop, post-punk, as well as modern indie, the band has a great balance of originality, which produces punchy, powerful songs. With their hearts set on touring, the band also hopes to keep their fanbase growing.

Want to keep up with The Belishas? Click">">here for their YouTube channel.">">">">roy