The Pogues Your Shot: Bournemouth Heats

Posted: Monday 30 January 2017

Following the first round of The Pogues Irish Whiskey Presents: A Shot at Discovery, the regional winners have been announced. Bournemouth, get to know your finalists...

Romeo & What’s Her Face

Romeo & What's Her Face is a punchy, fast-paced rock ‘n roll band without frills or fuss. Instead, this band puts out high energy songs with rhythmic riffs and mosh-inducing breakdowns. Not only do they sound good, but they know how to capture a crowd with their onstage antics. Their catchy originals will have you tapping your feet and you can be sure that Romeo & Whats Her Face are a band that you’ll remember after every performance!

Keep up to date with Romeo & What's Her Face here.


Soulhole, a four piece band, have managed a fusion of funk-rock and blues by taking inspiration from a wide array of genres. The band first formed back in 2012 and has continued their musical pursuits and experimentation, constantly evolving while remaining true to impassioned vocals and keyboard work. They released their EP, Fool On Parade, last year, while building a reputation for energetic live performances.

If you'd like to know more about the band, check out their website">">here.">">DD Allen

With the live performances being described as ‘a mesmerising rock infused folk tour de force’, DD Allen is an act that’s not to be missed. Describing DD Allen’s vocal style is best imagined as a British Mike Scott tinged with the contemporary edge of a young James Walsh. Distinctive. His self-penned tracks, like Never Felt So Far From You, preserve contemporary qualities whilst incorporating U.S influences. The current collection of tracks is both contemporary and relevant whilst retaining a foot in old school camps of quality songwriting and exciting recorded presentation.

Keen to see some of DD Allen's videos? They're available on YouTube, which you can view">">here.">">Sirpico