Meet Our People: Stage Manager

Posted: Sunday 10 April 2016

Stage Manager at O2 Academy Brixton, Josh Rosen, has not only seen some spectacular shows - the ex-Motörhead roadie has been behind a lot of them.

Juliet Kinsman gets him to spill some intel.

Who the hell are you? 

Josh Rosen.

What the hell do you do? 

Stage Manager at O2 Academy Brixton. I oversee all aspects of the running of the show – from unloading the trucks, to the build of the set, to the hanging of the lights, and then the running of the show. Then there’s finishing up with the breakdown of all the gear and putting it back on the trucks.

What did you want to be when you were a kid? 

A Womble.

What do you love about your job? 

Everything about putting on a show that makes the crowd go wild. Seeing a band out there playing and enjoying what they do – that’s what makes the crowd buzz.

Biggest challenges? 

Big shows for bands like Iron Maiden and Steel Panther because they need lots of gear and so there’s more work, more elaborate lighting, except the stage is still the same size, so you have to tweak things a lot.

Funniest moment? 

The Prodigy locking themselves in the dressing room because they didn’t wanna go home after their Brixton Warriors: End of the World Extravaganza show.

Best gigs?

The Specials was good because they hadn’t toured for some time – it was like a reunion to do five nights back to back. It was good – all the old 2 Tone suits were out and the skinheads squeezed into them – a lot of the crowd had their kids with them which was nice. Motörhead is always great to see because I used to be one of their roadies. Sex Pistols was special because I was a fan and I have worked with Glen [Matlock]. And Fun Lovin’ Criminals because they’re good friends and our kids have playdates together.

How do you manage big egos? 

The bands don’t have big egos it’s the production manager that does…

Best blag you’ve heard used to get backstage? 

“We are the ambulance crew.”

The nicest ‘thank you’ you’ve had? 

Brian May sent me a book and invited me to sit in the Royal Box at We Will Rock You and drink champagne for the sixth-anniversary performance. 

What do you want to be when you grow up? 

Still wanna be a Womble…

Tell us a secret… 

What you say on the tour bus, stays on the tour bus.

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