An Interview With: Less Than Jake

Posted: Friday 6 September 2019

This month sees the return of Less Than Jake to the Fireball: Fuelling The Fire Tour, but before the party kicks off, we caught up with vocalist & bassist, Roger Lima and trombone player, Buddy Schaub, to talk about getting back in the studio and the future of the ska-punk scene.

You’re making your return to the Fireball: Fuelling The Fire Tour this year, after headlining in 2016, what was so great about the last one that you had to come back?

Buddy: The Fireball Tour is just great all around, from the low-ticket price, to the great line-ups they put together, and of course the Fireball!

Roger: Last time it was such a solid line up, it felt like the fans were getting something special and it’s no different this time!

How have you been keeping yourselves busy since the last tour?

B: I, myself, keep busy off tour doing a lot of underwater basket weaving. All the time spent holding my breath underwater really helps my lung control for playing the trombone.

R: We’ve been on tour! Playing shows and writing new songs. I also produced a new record for the Suicide Machines that’ll be out next year.

You’re reuniting with old friends, Goldfinger and Save Ferris on the tour, are there any particular songs of theirs that you’re excited to hear?

B: They are both great at what they do, and Monique has such a strong voice. I’m just excited to see them perform more than I’m excited about any one song in particular.

R: I’m a sucker for Goldfinger’s ‘Here in your Bedroom’.

What’s your favourite thing about playing in the UK?

B: The UK has been so great to us over the past 20 years. The crowds are always so insane; I think we still hold the record for most beer sold in one night at O2 Academy Birmingham from one of our shows there with Reel Big Fish. I love all the history in every town and getting to walk around and see it all. The U.S. doesn’t really have much like that. It’s a really big deal when something in the U.S. is 100 years old, ha!

R: Nandos. Cheeky, or otherwise! For real though, the crowds are just mental!

You must be masters at touring by now, what are your essentials for keeping happy on the road?

B: It’s all about good food stops and cool nature things to walk through for me.

R: A decent green room toilet, shower and that’s all I need.

You’ve been a band for nearly 30 years, what are the proudest moments of your career so far?

B: There are so many awesome moments when you’ve been a band as long as we have, but in the UK, getting to play on the main stage at Reading and Leeds Festival multiple times is such an honour. I believe there were something like 50,000 people watching us in Leeds in 2006! That still just sounds crazy to me! And Slayer went on right after us to boot; you can’t really beat that.

R: Getting upgraded to business class on the last flight, and Chris didn’t! Thanks Delta!

What advice would you give to the competition winners on this year’s tour?

B: Play as many songs as you can and play them like it’s the last thing you might ever do on this planet. That’s what any band should do every time they hit the stage. In this messed up world, it might always be your last chance to get out there and show people you mean it!

R: As Buddy said, go for it all!

Are there any plans to work on new Less Than Jake music?

B: Odd you should bring that up, we’ve been writing on and off all year long and we’ll be hitting the studio before you know it! There’s always a new song brewing in Roger’s or Chris’ heads, so we’re technically always writing a new record.

R: We are in the trenches. Planning on recording later this year and are excited to break new ground as this will be our first album written and recorded without our former drummer. It’s a new era for the band, and it’s very exciting times!

How do you see the ska-punk scene growing in the future?

B: Things really seem to be picking up steam again in the ska-punk world, with new bands like The Interrupters blowing up and old bands like us chugging along, this type of music will never die. It’s so fun and uplifting that people just can’t resist.

R: The live experience of an upbeat, fun show is irreplaceable. I think as long as new bands arise that can put on a good show, ska-punk will always be growing.

Finally, if you could enjoy a shot of Fireball with anyone in the world, who would it be?

B: Off the top of my head - Jason Momoa of Aquaman fame. I feel like, if we got too drunk doing shots, he’d have my back if any trouble went down!

R: Sir Paul McCartney. Let’s get wasted and write a reggae song.

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