10 Things You Did In The 90s

Posted: Tuesday 3 May 2016

Bez Happy Mondays 1990s Alastair Indge
Like a particularly stubborn Diamond White stain, the 90s have never gone away.

Even 20 years later, everyone’s feeling baggy, ravey, grungy, and just a little bit zig-a-zig-ahhh. So pour yourself a lovely glass of MD 20/20, put on your Stereophonics CD and let Lucy Sweet help you reminisce.

Here’s what you were probably up to in the 90s…(Yes, YOU.)

You had a Happy Mondays T-shirt

And a Shed Seven T-Shirt, which you wore with terrible faded baggy trousers or dungarees. You also had a Reni from the Stone Roses hat and Kickers. You thought you were cool, but you actually looked like a painter and decorator called Nobby.

Remember that time you went to a field off the M6

And danced all night in a crop top and a glow stick necklace and posed for that photo, with your arm around some random sweaty weirdos? No, neither does anyone else.

You took a disposable camera to gigs

Then, after spending a fortune at Jessops, you realised you’d taken 36 blurred pictures of the back of a bloke’s head

When James sang ‘Sit Down’, you SAT DOWN

Which was pretty difficult when you were wearing a long floaty skirt with mirrors on it.

When you went out, you showcased several dance moves

Including windmill arms to Pulp, self-conscious shuffling to New Order, big fish/little fish/cardboard box and of course, jumping to er, ‘Jump Around.

You had a pair of DMs that you decorated with Tippex

And when you went to gigs you stomped them really hard to get the Bluetones to do an encore. Also, it wasn’t a good night unless you had the footprint of a stage diver’s boot embedded in your chest

Everyone had a friend who always overdid it

He had a nickname like ‘Mad Dave’ or ‘Charlie Whizz.’ He’s now got three children and is an insurance underwriter in Slough.

After dancing all night, it was all back to yours to watch The Hitman, Her and The Word

Which you videotaped over your big brother’s wedding.

Every time you went to a party there was a guy with an acoustic guitar playing ‘Wonderwall'

Amazingly, nobody took it off him. 

Gazing across a crowded room, you would spy a guy with lustrous hair like Mark Gardener from Ride and fall in love

Well, until the lights went up…